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Providence First Baptist Church would personally like to extend an invitation to you and all you know to come and worship with us in the house of God!

We have Sunday School classes for all ages with Godly men and women as teachers. Loving God, these teachers will share Sunday School lessons that will definitely inspire you as a child of God.

We have a music ministry, which is so very inspirational. We join our hearts and voices together for Praise unto the Lord God through the music ministry. Under the leadership of Brother Ronald Brown, the choir is able to develop its ministry for the Lord.

Sunday's messages come to the church through our Pastor, Brother Mike Dearing, and are delivered in an old-fashioned, God-anointed, gospel preaching style. The messages are without compromise or apology and all that is said or done is totally under the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit. We have a beautiful presence of the Lord in our services. Please come and join us!

Sunday School 10:00am
Morning Service 11:00am
Choir Practice 5:30pm
Evening Service 6:30pm

King's Kids 6:00pm
Bible Study 7:00pm

Visitation 6:30pm

Please, Stop In!

"I was glad when
they said unto me,
Let us go into the
house of the Lord."
Psalm 122:1

"Not forsaking the
assembling of
ourselves together,
as the manner of
some is; but exhorting
one another: and
so much the more,
as ye see the day
Hebrew 10:25

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Providence First Baptist Church
175 Highway 362, West
Williamson, Georgia 30292

Phone: 770-228-4956